I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer and creative director, with over 18 years of experience. My work opportunities allowed me to experiment and expand my visual aesthetic abilities using a wide range of materials. However, my passion remains photography and digital media, which allow me to express my thoughts on identity, emotion, heritage, place of origin and cultural adaptability. 
My training in the arts began in Tehran, Iran, in the 1990’s. I graduated with an M.A. from Azad University in 2002. My subsequent work as a designer and educator exposed me to a wide range of artistic strategies, allowing me to gain experience and proficiency in the visual arts.I moved to the United States in 2013 and completed my MFA at Florida Atlantic University in 2016. This is also where I started a career in the North American advertising industry. I moved to Canada in 2017, and presently reside in Toronto, where I continue to nurture my creative skills and experiences. 
As an immigrant, I am immersed in rich learning experiences about social issues. And this has allowed my art to take on a new identity. By engaging with my audience and establishing a dialogue with them, I now incorporate their views into my art to present shared and collective perspectives.

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